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Hi everyone! On this blog, I mainly review Young Adult Fiction, but love to read all different types of books!

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

This is an eerie, disturbing, creepy, spine-chilling book that will keep you up throughout the night!


Violet and her brother live in their family's deteriorating mansion in the small town of Echo. Their artist-parents are off in Europe, and Violet and Luke are left on their own to take care of themselves. When they find that money is getting tight, Violet decides to rent out the guesthouse. That is when the mysterious River makes his appearance.  Violet is immediately and inexplicably drawn to him, yet she knows nothing about him.  From then on, a thrilling yet sinister chain of events ensues that will leave you with an unsettling feeling long after reading the book!


I was really captivated by this book and couldn't put it down! Even though I love to read horror novels, I often regret it afterwards because I then spook myself whenever I think about it.  This is definitely a book that fits into this category! April Genevieve Tucholke did a fantastic job at developing and describing not only the eerie characters, plot and events, but transformed the setting into a main character of it's own. The town of Echo is one of those places that gives you the troubling feeling that something just isn't right. The author's description of the old mansion, the cemetery, a treehouse and a square, in which some of the most disturbing events take place, add such an eerie effect to the story.     


The characters were each unique and even though there was a lot of mysterious elements about each one, I still felt like they were well developed. Although I thought that some of the relationships developed too quickly, once I got to the end of the book, it didn't seem that way at all. With all of the gripping events that took place, it felt more natural that the relationships would grow faster.


The major twist near the end of the book made everything that had happened seem like small potatoes compared to what may be coming in the sequel, which is due to be released on August 19, 2014. I have already made a pre-order for Between The Spark And The Burn and I can't wait to see where this captivating, gothic series will lead!